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"When I first started developing online courses about 10 years ago, my guiding principle was NOT to try to replicate the classroom as closely as possible (which WAS the guiding principle of some online course developers) but, rather, to imagine that I had never been in a classroom, to look at this new milieu and determine what was pedagogically sound in that environment and use the tools available to engage students and enhance their learning experience."(from Mary Stobble)


(1) Helpful jargon (from Indira Koneru)

~ Category - a group of courses

~ Course – a basic unit of Moodle

~ Section – an area that covers weeks and topics within a course; holds activities and resources

~ Resource – part of a section – documents, media, labels, web pages, link files and web pages

~ Activities – part of a section – to create assignments, forums, quiz, database, glossary, choice, survey

~ Blocks - help users get to useful and commonly used items and information quickly

~Breadcrumbs - breadcrumb navigation shows the student’s current location within the site


A helpful way to classify Moodle tools and modules:

~ Static - Text Page, Web Page, Link to resources, Directory ...

~ Interactive - Choice, Assignment, Survey, Quiz, Lesson ...

~ Social - Chat, forum, wiki, glossary, database, workshop ...



Via Sue Hellman