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This is an interesting article by Byron White, Founder of IdeaLaunch.

I love the way the author has positioned curation as a key element in content marketing strategy. He says that curation starts with the selection process of the right articles, then researching the assets of the competition.

In addition to adding context, also part of the process is learning how much content you need, how frequently to publish it and which channels of distribution, (social especially) required to capture organic market share.

Having said that, here are a few things the author said and my comments:

He says -"Who will win the content curation war of the web? The race to transform to high-quality publishing is officially on. It’s time to gather ideas, develop stories and publish quality content that keeps readers (and customers) coming back for more".

I say, I don't  think it's a war, I think it's an evolution, I think there will be many winners, it's not a race

He says, "We’ve all heard the expression Content is King. After all, content is the fuel behind the social media revolution currently sweeping the Web. Close examination of the art world, however, offers a solid case that curation, not content, may in fact be the ruler online."

I say:  I think it's a combination of both, original and curated content are both ruler online. I don't think it's either or.

What do you think?

Here's what caught my attention:

**The skill and savvy of a Content Strategist is equally as important as your Director of Marketing these days.

**Getting the right content to the right prospects at the right time is the key to content marketing success.


****But in the end, it’s not content that’s king. Instead, it’s the impact that the content has on us long after we pass it by.

****Great content is hard to create, curate, optimize and distribute. But when it all comes to together, it is the catalyst that makes your business better. And better than that.

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