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Nefertiti as sensual goddess

Nefertiti as sensual goddess | Herstory | Scoop.it
A visiting lecturer suggests that ancient Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti wasn’t just the powerful independent woman people imagine she was, but something of a sex goddess, too.

ARCE-NOLA's curator insight, November 19, 2013 3:37 PM

New research on Nefertiti by Egyptologist Jacquelyn Williamson

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A female administrator in ancient Egypt

A female administrator in ancient Egypt | Herstory | Scoop.it

Although less well known to tourists, the woman named Tjat who appears in the chapel wall decoration within this tomb at Beni Hasan has been mentioned frequently in scholarly works on the Middle Kingdom.  Despite the frequent mentions, other than one article by William Ward, no one has focused much attention on her.  She clearly played an important role in Khnumhotep’s household, as she is shown three times in his tomb: in close proximity to Khnumhotep himself in the fowling scene, with Khnumhotep’s wife and daughters in a funerary cult meal scene, and inside the shrine, next to the doorway and a distance behind Khnumhotep’s daughters.

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A look at the less prominent women in Egyptian elite households.