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I’ve been using Prezi since mid-2010 as a tool for doing presentations, including for an information design, a sociology course, and a storytelling/social media course. In each case, Prezi replaced PowerPoint. The advantage of Prezi is that it is much easier to integrate text, still images, audio, and video into a presentation.


The premise behind Prezi is that you lay out the various elements of your content on a workspace and then connect them using a “path” that you or your audience can follow simply by pressing the forward and back keys on a computer. There are also some neat tricks that allow you to zoom in and out of any element, making it possible to hide, for example, one image inside another and then reveal it as the user moves along the path.


As an experiment, I spent a couple of hours translating the Autumn at 59 photo essay I did in Facebook and Pinterest into Prezi. The results in Prezi are more dynamic because of the zooming and rotating capabilities that Facebook and Pinterest don’t have. Although I didn’t use them in this experiment, audio or video clips to the Prezi could easily be added....

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