Hospitals to Congress: Drop Payment Cap Proposal | Heart and Vascular Health |

My comment: Unfortunately this is the way things are going from the Medicare adminstrator CMS.  Fees for important services like Echocardiograms and Nuclear stress tests have been dramatically cut when done in physician offices to rates that cannot be sustained.  Many physicians have merged with hospitals because the EXACT same service billed by the hospital is reimbursed 4 times higher.  (Echocardiogram $1,605 vs. $373)

See Same Doctor Visit, Double the Cost

So now CMS intends to cut the reimbursement to the outpatient physician level.  Common sense & fairness would lead to a fair payment regardless of where the service is provided but these are the capricious aspects of our reimbursement system.  Physician groups should not be paid so little and hospitals should not be paid so much.


The nation’s four largest hospital associations and their allies are urging Congress to oppose a cap on payments for outpatient services.