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Take Home Message: Vitamin Supplements are useful for individuals who are deficient.  For now treatment with Vitamin D supplements to a bood level of Vitamin D-25 greater than 30 is reasonable and recommended. More is not better. It's easy to have the blood level checked.


An editorial that accompanies a meta anlaysis in NEJM which shows a modest benefit of Vitamin D on fracture risk.  Robert Heaney does an excellent job explaining why we see diiferent results in many vitamin or nutrient trials.


Evaluating a certain dose of a Vitamin will not assess the benefit if the patients tested are not deficient.  In the meta analysis the baselinie Vitamin D level in the placebo and different doses of Vitamin D all had a baseline level > 40 (< 30 is deficient)


"giving additional amounts of a nutrient to persons who already have enough, or not giving enough to push a person with a deficiency up onto the ascending limb of the response curve, is likely to produce a null response"


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