Credibility of  YouTube for Health Information on Heart Attack | Heart and Vascular Health |

Take Home Message:  Internet search for health information is growing: 71% of adults in US in 2007.  YouTube is used for health info and this study assessed the credibility of the info for heart attacks (MI).  

Most content (98%) was posted in the last 3 years. Videos from professional societies were the least watched but had the most thorough content coverage (symptoms, physiology, prevention & treatment).  The other sources (94% of content) from personal experience, news reports & pharmaceutical industry  had seven times greater number of views. But these were not thorough.  Only 7% urged immediate treatment for a heart attack - the most important of all public messages.  Prevention was mentioned in 17% of videos. Caveat Emptor.  (Caveat Spectator)  With Web 2.0, its better to trust trusted sources.