Health Groups to FTC: Claritin Ain't Candy | Heart and Vascular Health |

Take Home Message:  Bad Idea by Merck. This is bad health policy but also makes no marketing sense. Were they hoping a child will say "Mommy I prefer Claritin over all other antihistamines"


Public health advocates are charging that Merck's entertainment product tie-in campaign for children’s Claritin with the movie Madagascar 3 is deceptive and dangerous because it could cause children to confuse medicine with candy.  

Coinciding with the release of the Dreamworks movie in June, the tie-in features the movie cartoon characters on packaging, in games, on stickers and in other giveaways for grape-flavored chewable children's Claritin tablets and grape-flavored over-the-counter allergy syrup. There were also free movie tickets offered with Claritin purchases at many stores. Merck, manufacturer of the Claritin products, also used its "Children's Claritin Mom Crew" to hold Madagascar 3 viewing parties, providing free product sample