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My comment: America's TWO favorite pastimes: Baseball & Gluttony.  MLB may wipe out its fan base with strategies like this.


From the Washington Post:

In an age of enlightened eating, all-you-can-eat seats at major and minor league ballparks continue to draw unapologetic fans.


Before the first pitch at Oriole Park in Baltimore last week, Mark Mirchandani casually announced that he already had gobbled three Esskay dogs. Nearly three hours later, Mirchandani said he had polished off 10 franks — not to mention two orders of nachos, two servings of peanuts, five tiny cups of ice cream, one soda and, apparently to restore order to his battered digestive system, a small container of salad.  His binge, totaled approximately 7,800 calories, or about three times what the average male needs a day.


Mirchandani was sitting in the Left Field All-Inclusive Picnic Perch, the rather pastoral, slightly enigmatic name that the Orioles have attached to their all-you-can-eat seats. For $35 each fans can feast on as much ballpark food as they could stuff in their faces during the seven innings of the pig-out promotion. 


First introduced to the majors around 2007, the all-you-can-eat seat is one of baseball’s more controversial (and successful) solutions to sell hard-to-fill sections. At least 19 of 30 Major League clubs offer the seats in some form or another, whether the Chicago White Sox’s patio parties at U.S. Cellular Field or the all-inclusive sections at every home game at Oriole Park and PNC Park in Pittsburgh.