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Take Home Message:  Knowing your numbers including your blood sugar is valuable especially for overweight patients.  Unlike the person profiled in this article I find patients to be very responsive to this early warning sign and generally enthusiastic about efforts to reduce the risk of progresing to diabetes.


Health-care providers are stepping up efforts to identify the millions of Americans believed to have prediabetes, a condition that can lead to full-blown diabetes, using the HgbA1cto check a greater number of hospital patients.  Prediabetes, typically defined as blood sugar that is higher than normal (over 100)  but not yet in the diabetes range (over 125).  NIH estimates that as many as 79 million Americans age 20 and older—or roughly one in three adults—have prediabetes. That figure dwarfs the 26 million Americans who have Type 2 diabetes, including seven million people believed to have the disease but don't know it.