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Rescooped by Seth Bilazarian, MD from Scoop.it on the Web

The 5 Most Popular Social Media Content Curation Tools

The 5 Most Popular Social Media Content Curation Tools | Heart and Vascular Health | Scoop.it

Kevin K. Lau calls Scoop.it "one of the best sites for curating content right now."

Check out why he thinks Scoop.it is worthy of the number one spot in his article The 5 Most Popular Social Media Content Curation Tools.

Via Ally Greer
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Scooped by Seth Bilazarian, MD

Michael Evans: General practitioner & developer of 23 1/2 hours video

Dr. Michael Evans describes the emerging strategy of helping patients with care at home by investing through development of teams that combine clinicans and patients with "creatives" (filmmakers & designers) that can create a buffet of self service information available on the web.  

When engaging patients with health information, developers need to remember:

1. Stories trump data

2. Relationships trump stories

3.  Individual's trump organizations


The viral aspects of sharing good media and information by "engaing your tribe" via Facebook or direct email will be the way forward.  Helping patients by curating good information is a step in the right direction


Thanks to Carolyn Thomas of @heartsisters who blogged about this:  http://goo.gl/y0nnT ;

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