Improving 'Door to Balloon Time' (D2B) for Angioplasty Patients | Heart and Vascular Health |

My comment : The particular kind of heart attack called STEMI identified by EKG is the highest immediate risk of all heart attacks and hospitals have dramatically improved systems of care to quickly open these blocked arteries.  Every minute more heart muscle is lost with a higher likelihood of death or severe long term complications such as heart failure.  The success described in the article is a great accomplishment for patients. The one part we are not improving is the "pain to door" time.  The longer the patient waits with chest pain to activate the emrgency system the worse the outcome.  Call 911 to start the "Race to Open a Blocked Artery".


The current standard is 90 minutes, but many hospitals aim for a faster standard of as soon as possible.\Researchers who studied Medicare data from more than 300,000 patients at 900 hospitals found so-called door-to-balloon times fell from a median of 96 minutes in 2005 to 64 minutes in 2010. The best-performing hospitals regularly achieved times under 60 minutes, which "may become the new standard," the study, published last year in the journal Circulation, concluded.