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Learn about the state of your heart and what you can do to live better. Take the My Life Check Assessment. I recommend reviewing the American Heart Association’s Life’s Simple 7 to learn about your cardiovascular health in a patient-friendly format. You can go through the Life’s Simple 7 assessments and bring those numbers, as well as your questions, to your doctor.

Just recently a patient with a family history of heart disease asked, “Am I doing everything I can to avoid developing coronary heart disease as I get older?” We looked at the computer in my office together for an introduction to Life’s Simple 7.

I also explained how to sign up on the AHA’s Heart360 website, where you can enter and track personal cardiovascular health information (such as blood pressure, weight, glucose and cholesterol measurements, and medications). It was easy. And within less than 15 minutes we were linked up on Heart360, which patients and doctors can use to communicate online — quickly and securely — about a patient’s health."

Via Seth Bilazarian, MD