Stressed Out? Relax With These 5 Free Apps | Healthy Living To The Max |
Find a sense of peace with one of these stress-busting apps.


While technology is supposed to make our lives easier, it has also left many of us feeling more stressed. We have emails rolling in at all times, phone calls in the car and, thanks to Wi-Fi, we can conduct business almost anytime from anywhere. The workday never seems to end -- and that's not healthy.


It may be impossible to unplug your life, so try these five, free apps for your iPhone, iPad or Android phone to help relieve stress.


My Thoughts

I'd have to agree in today's society, technology can definitely add some uncessary stress into your daily routine. Whether it's malfunctions on your phone/computer or your getting constant work calls and emails while your spending time with your family. The apps suggested in this article may help relieve some stress. One of the apps were called Breathe2Easy apps and this would help guide you through a series of deep breathing which is a technique to relieve stress and release bad toxins from your family. I believe this app may help me with my relxation plan for my personal focus project.