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Learn about the role of nutrition to keep ourselves in the prime of health and wellness. Also about supplements for diabetics.
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Vitiligo Homeopathic and Herbal Treatment

Vitiligo Homeopathic and Herbal Treatment | Healthy Life Hub |

Vitiligo is defined in many ways but most accepted read is it is an autoimmune system disorder named as Depigmentation, however based on American vitiligo research foundation exact reason for vitiligo is not known and exact cure can also be not known. Dermatologists believes that sometime auto defense mechanisms become over active and attacks on pigments that come responsible for coloration of skin, when auto defense mechanisms attacks on pigments they are not able produce Melanocytes and milky white patches appears on different a part of body usually on face, arms , legs.


Vitiligo cure isn't yet known because exact reason continues to be uncovered. Many experiments happen to be done but all of them fruitless however for these particular experiments different sort of vitiligo treatments invents for vitiligo recovery. A number of them are very effective. Vitiligo treatment can be classified in given classes




Folic acid, otherwise named vitamin B9, as well as other B vitamins may be a natural method to introduce new pigment to regions of skin that are affected by vitiligo. Research reported in the July 1992 publication of the journal "Custis" explains that people who've vitiligo often display lower-than-normal levels of folate and vitamin B12 in their blood. Further studies reported through the NVF suggested that supplementing this diet with 10 mg of folate and 2000 mcg of vitamin B12 every day may lead to select repigmentation in some people. Folate and other B vitamin supplementation is usually required for at least three to six months to be able to see results.


Gingko Biloba


Alternative medicine experts in the Mayo Clinic suggest that there might be a link between gingko biloba and skin pigment. The clinic studied people whose vitiligo spread slowly, and gave one group 120 mg from the natural herb each day. A few of the patients who received the supplements noticed regions of repigmentation as a result of using the supplement. Those who are interested in trying gingko biloba as a natural vitiligo treatment must do so only under the supervision of the doctors.


Vitamin C


Dr. Leopoldo Montes, author from the book "Vitiligo: Nutritional Therapy," states that ascorbic acid levels tend to be low in people struggling with vitiligo. Adding more ascorbic acid towards the diet through food sources or vitamin supplementation might be another natural approach to treating the possible lack of pigmentation caused by vitiligo.


Sun Exposure


Contact with natural sunlight, rather than lab-created Ultra violet rays, may help vitiligo patients gain newer and more effective pigmentation. Light therapy is more apt to be successful when used in addition to a regimen of sources of vitamin b and C.

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Health Benefits of Turmeric

Health Benefits of Turmeric | Healthy Life Hub |

Turmeric, known in the western world for its use in Indian cooking, is usually referred to as the “Queen of Spices”. It comes down from the dry ground cause of Curcuma longa, typically found in India and Indonesia. It features a deep yellow-orange tinge, from which it earns certainly one of its nicknames, “Indian saffron”. Health benefits of turmeric include antiinflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anticarcinogenic, and antioxidants. In India and China it's been used medicinally for centuries. In the Western world, however, turmeric is better known for its culinary prowess. Turmeric´s health advantages are well-known and documented.


1. Turmeric and Liver Diseases


The liver helps by detoxifying your blood with the production of enzymes. These enzymes break up and eliminate the toxins found the body. Taking a turmeric supplement or using turmeric recipes boost the production of these vital enzymes, thus increasing liver function. Studies conducted on rats says enzyme production increases by 14% within a fortnight of taking turmeric.


2. Turmeric For Arthritis


Turmeric isn’t something many people think of when dealing with arthritis or pain. Recent studies show sufferers should think about turmeric for arthritis because it is a powerful anti-oxidant. Like other anti-oxidants, turmeric activly works to destroy free radicals in your body that are responsible for damaging body cells.


3. Turmeric and Wounds


Being an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent, turmeric activly works to heal wounds, cuts along with other skin injuries. Using a saucepan, boil coconut oil and give a small amount of turmeric to it. Mix the 2 together, turn the stove off. When it's no longer too hot to the touch, use a cotton swab to apply a few of the mixture to the wound. Saving the additional oil in an airtight container enables you to use it in the future without needing to feel the boiling process again.


4. Turmeric and Alzheimers


Brain inflation is suspected to become one of the leading causes of Alzheimer’s disease. Studies completed with turmeric have shown that one from the major turmeric health benefits is helpings to avoid Alzheimer’s disease. Turmeric anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can help to prevent or delay the start of this ruthless disease. It's believed that turmeric blocks producing IL-2 protein, which is known to destroy the protective sheath found round the nerves.


5. Turmeric and Coronary disease


Unhealthy cholesterol levels are the responsible for most cardiovascular disease. When cholesterol oxidizes, it accumulates on the walls of cells. Turmeric contains vitamin B6, which regulates homo-cysteine levels. Homo-cysteine is directly accountable for damaging body cells. Through interaction using the liver, turmeric lowers the levels of cholesterol in the body, which aides in preventing most heart diseases.


6. Turmeric as an Anti-Inflammatory


Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties don’t just help against deadly diseases. Turmeric also keeps your defense mechanisms strong against colds, flu and coughs.These are merely the benefits that studies have revealed there are undoubtedly many more turmeric health advantages yet to be discovered.


7. Turmeric and Diabetes


Turmeric, together with many other spices, helps to overcome your insulin levels. If you consume a heavy sugary or white bread snack or meal, including turmeric will reduce how extreme your insulin response is going to be. Turmeric will by no means totally get rid of the sudden sugar intake shock in your body. Limiting sugar consumption and eating whole grain products is the best approach to maintaining balanced levels.


8. Health advantages of Turmeric


The health benefits of turmeric are plenty of. If you’re considering using a turmeric supplement to attain those benefits you need to know things to look for in a supplement. A turmeric supplement ought to be standardized turmeric curcumin 95%. This means 95% from the supplement consists of curcumin. This is the a part of turmeric which provides its health advantages.

9. Turmeric Side Effects


Turmeric is spicy and therefore can cause heartburn and improve your body temperature. Nausea, dizziness and stomach cramps are possible negative effects. These turmeric side effects are more inclined if you don’t consume turmeric with food.


10. Turmeric Supplement Dosage


Knowing all of the turmeric health benefits is useless should you don’t know what is the correct turmeric dosage to make use of. Using the correct turmeric dosage is important to maximizing its benefits.


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Diet for Obese Kids

Diet for Obese Kids | Healthy Life Hub |

Children who are overweight or obese can reach a healthy weight with the aid of their parents and family. Good nutrition, limiting takeaway and unhealthy foods, increasing physical activity and seeking professional advice can all help. Crash diets, diet pills or humiliating or teasing an overweight child doesn’t help.


Obesity in kids is dangerous because this makes them prone to diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and sleep problems. Obesity is the accumulation of unnecessary fat within the body and treating obesity in kids is a struggle. Improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle, eating habits and heredity are few reasons for obesity in kids. A healthy and nutritious diet can help cure obesity in kids.


The amount of children who are obese or overweight is growing in an alarming rate. Extra pounds put kids at risk of serious health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and asthma. Childhood obesity also takes a psychological toll. Overweight children are frequently teased and excluded from team activities, be responsible for low self-esteem, negative body image, and depression. However, using the right support, encouragement, and positive role modeling, you are able to help your child reach and maintain a healthy weight.

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Natural Aloe Vera Benefits

Natural Aloe Vera Benefits | Healthy Life Hub |

Aloe Vera plant is considered to be magic for health due to numerous Natural aloe-vera juice and gel benefits. This is a list of 25 Aloe vera health advantages and uses that might educate you on how to use Aloe vera properly:Numerous Natural aloe-vera benefits have made the natural aloe-vera plant popular all around the world. From last a long time Aloe Vera plant is being employed for the treatment of different kind of illness and diseases.Natural aloe-vera plant is a non-toxin, succulent plant which store water within their fleshy leaves and its succulence allow this juicy plant to outlive in areas of low natural rainfall. There are lots of Aloevera benefits from health to nutrition, from acne remedy to skin care. Aloe vera plant is widely grown being an ornamental plant; however it is equally common as medicinal plant due to several Aloevera uses.


Aloe Vera’s Ingredients


Aloe vera could be considered a superfood, the leaf is stuffed with a gel containing a minimum of 75 nutrients, 20 minerals, 12 vitamins, 18 proteins, and 200 active enzymes. These compounds have tremendous benefit and potential in bodily and mental applications.


Skin Care Benefits of Natural aloe-vera


Aloe vera has been anecdotally cited for quite a while for a topical burn or cut remedy. Multiple research has examined aloe vera as an agent to speeds recovery of skin wounds and located it to be beneficial, supporting traditional folk utilization of aloe vera to stimulate cellular rejuvenation.


Additionally, The Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology in the University in Belgrade, Serbia, published research this year noting that gel from aloe is considered to promote and assist the development of new cells.


Additional Advantages of Aloe Vera


Studies show aloe vera gel works well at reducing the pain of canker sores helping them to go away faster.


Regarding interaction with ulcers, natural aloe-vera has a cytoprotective action, meaning it will help to increase stomach mucosal production. It is primarily the trait that lead to the Sinhgad College of Pharmacy including it within the development of a medication for ulcers.


Has hypoglycemic activity and anti-obesity effects.


Natural aloe-vera gel has frequently been cited because of its powerful antioxidant effect.


As might be expected, the beneficial components, including antioxidants, proteins, and enzymes, increase as plant size increases.


Studies at the Texas Children’s Hospital reveal that aloe vera offers a strategy to alleviate certain glucose related ailments related to pre diabetes and metabolic syndrome.


Strangely enough, aloe vera may provide relief to persons experiencing the signs of burning mouth syndrome.


Might have expanded pharmaceutical applications like a drug absorption enhancing agents in a few drug delivery systems.

Iran’s Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences learned that because of aloe vera’s ability to assist with wounds, provide mucous membrane protection, and it is antiinflammatory, immunomudulation, antifungal, antioxidant characteristics, it had been an effective agent for reducing oral candidiasis in patients undergoing neck and head radiotherapy.


Choosing the Best Aloe Vera Products


Purchasing an natural aloe-vera product should be done with the same scrutiny you’d use when choosing any supplement. Quality and purity ought to be your top priorities. If you’re buying natural aloe-vera juice, organic is an absolute must. Unpasteurized can also be mandatory to ensure enzymatic integrity. It’s an individual preference, but I also recommend a concentrated natural aloe-vera juice. Many people find it simpler to consume a more potently powerful small dose, as whether straight shot or juice/smoothie additive. Read and comprehend the labels to ensure you’re purchasing a quality product that’s both effective and pure.

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Best Healthy Diet Food Plan

Best Healthy Diet Food Plan | Healthy Life Hub |

Have you ever thought you have to make a meal plans ? I never thought. I go to market and buy things that seem delicious to me. This days many precooked items are found that shows calorie values in packet. But who cares about that. Again calories are not all that we need to care. There are many occasions which give us calories out of our meal plans. Such as alcohol in a party, popcorn’s in a cinema show, fruits in a meeting and so on. This extra calories can pose a severe nutritional threat. On the other hand many are under severe diet control. Many people of the developing country suffering from malnutrition. As a result meal planning is must to be healthy.


Meal planning aims at getting a diet which contains a variety of foods in such quantities and proportions that the need for energy, amino acid,vitamins, minerals, fats and other nutrients is adequately met for maintaining health, vitality and general well being and also makes small provision for extra nutrients to withstand short duration of leanness. So meal plan can safeguard you from nutritional deficiencies or excess.


Dietary goals in a meal plans are:


Dietary fat should be limited to 15 to30% of total daily intake for daily meal plans.

Saturated fats should contribute less than 10 %( ideally <5%) of total energy intake. Unsaturated vegetable oils should fulfill rest fat requirement.

Carbohydrate foods should comprise of 60 to 70% of total food.

Excess refined carbohydrate (e.g. sugar) should be avoided. Some natural fiber containing carbohydrate (e.g. cereals) must be taken.

Sources rich in energy such as fats and alcohol should be restricted.

Salt intake should be < 5g per day.

Protein should account for 10 to 15% of total daily intake.

Junk foods such as cola, ketchup, juices and other foods that supply empty calories should be reduced.

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