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healthcare technology
The ways in which technology benefits healthcare
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TRANSFoRm: Translational research and patient safety in Europe

TRANSFoRm: Translational research and patient safety in Europe | healthcare technology |

TRANSFoRm aims to develop the technology that facilitates a learning healthcare system (Figure 1). It brings together a highly multidisciplinary consortium where three carefully chosen clinical ‘use cases’ will drive, evaluate and validate the approach to the ICT challenges. The project will build on existing work at international level in clinical trial information models (BRIDG and PCROM), service-based approaches to semantic interoperability and data standards (ISO11179 and controlled vocabulary), data discovery, machine learning and electronic health records based on open standards (openEHR).

TRANSFoRm will extend this work to interact with individual eHR systems as well as operate within the consultation itself providing both diagnostic support and support for the identification and follow up of subjects for research. The approach to system design will be modular and standards-based, providing services via a distributed architecture, and will be tightly linked with the user community. Four years of development and testing will end with a fifth year that will be dedicated to summative validation of the project deliverables in the Primary Care setting.

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Improving Patient Care through EMRs

Improving Patient Care through EMRs | healthcare technology |

EMRs-Electronic Medical Records are a modern revolution in the field of healthcare improving the standards of quality in healthcare and raising it to a higher level. With all the numerous benefits of EMRs to doctors, it eventually signifies the benefits to patients and thereby improves patient care.

Using EMR in medical practice can improve patient care in the following ways:

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