Where’s the value in a smart blood pressure monitor? | healthcare technology | Scoop.it

So we’ve all heard the varied stories on these; some people love these things and other think they are not much different from a classic old-style blood pressure device. We wanted to write up a few thoughts on where the value of these things lies.  And if you are hypertensive, pre-hypertensive of just want to be proactive about your health/genetic predisposition then read on.   It’s not just a price comparison, that would be an apples-and-oranges comparison.  In this case, apples and giraffes because they are that different!  

There’s a lot of value in a smart blood pressure monitor and it’s not really but is beyond the single measurement,  it’s about the long term trend collection.  

Here are some real life points to illustrate the point.

1) The value is in the long-term trend data… your own or a family member’s 

2) Reducing inaccuracies by relying on doctors’ offices or one off measurements.

3) Weight tracking integration

4) Alarm driven measurement 

Examples of each of these points can be found at the original :  http://blog.bodyfrontier.com/wheres-the-real-value-in-a-smart-blood-pressure-monitor/