A data mining approach for grouping and analyzing trajectories of care using claim data: #bcsm | healthcare technology | Scoop.it

With the increasing burden of chronic diseases, analyzing and understanding trajectories of care is essential for efficient planning and fair allocation of resources: authors Nicolas Jay, Gilles Nuemi, Maryse Gadreau and Catherine Quantin propose an approach based on mining claim data to support the exploration of trajectories of care.

A clustering of trajectories of care for breast cancer was performed with Formal Concept Analysis. We exported Data from the French national casemix system, covering all inpatient admissions in the country. Patients admitted for breast cancer surgery in 2009 were selected and their trajectory of care was recomposed with all hospitalizations occuring within one year after surgery. The main diagnoses of hospitalizations were used to produce morbidity profiles. Cumulative hospital costs were computed for each profile.

Formal Concept Analysis can be applied on claim data to produce an automatic classification of care trajectories. This flexible approach takes advantages of routinely collected data and can be used to setup cost-of-illness studies.

PDF of the complete article: http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/1472-6947-13-130.pdf