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Scooped by Simone Pix! | Health & Physical Education |
Tools and information on the consumer education campaign in support of NSW kJ labelling laws for fast food outlets
Simone Pix's insight:

This is a fantastic website that will help you to gain a deeper understanding in to nutrition and fueling your body. In particular it will allow you to explore:


   -  What a kilojoule is,

   -  Ideally how many you should be consuming, 

   -  The amount of kilojoules in the different types of foods we eat, including

             fast food,

   -  How various types of activities can burn different amounts of kilojoules,

   - As well as a number of interactive calculators and activites to work out

             amounts for yourself. 

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Scooped by Simone Pix!

The Healthy Living Pyramid | Nutrition Australia

The Healthy Living Pyramid | Nutrition Australia | Health & Physical Education |

"Use the Nutrition Australia Healthy Living Pyramid to help you plan a balanced diet and to remind you to keep on moving!

Simone Pix's insight:

Using the Healthy Living Pyramid:

1) Make a list of all the foods and drinks you have consumed in the last two days. 


2) Divide your food intake over the last two days into the three categories: a) 'Eat most' foods; b) 'Eat moderately' foods; c) 'Eat small amounts' foods.


3) Does your model have a pyramid shape like the diagram or does it look more like an oblong or an upside-down pyramid?


4) Discuss how you could make modifcations to your diet to improve the balance between the three categories?


5) Suggest possible meals you can eat from the 'eat most' and/or 'eat moderately' foods groups to replace the food from the 'eat in small amounts' category. What effect will this have on your diet? 


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