Health & Physical Education
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Health & Physical Education

Health & Physical Education | Health & Physical Education |
Health & Physical Education
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Why do you think it's important for someone to distinguish this type of information when wanting to maintain good health and a physical form?


What can you find from sacred health & Physical maintenace that highly underpins yourself as a physical individual?

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Sacred Moments: Influencing our Stress and Well-Being

Sacred Moments: Influencing our Stress and Well-Being | Health & Physical Education |

Empirical research suggests that, in considering an approach to pursuing a lifestyle conducive to good overall health and well-being, an important factor is cultivating a sense of sacredness in one's life. Recent studies show a high positive connection between the way we think and feel in relation to the sacred and well-being. Some studies suggest that connecting with the transcendent and experiencing a transcendent sense of self foster well-being. Other studies find that well-being is positively correlated with a sense of support from the transcendent in areas such as marriage, parenting, healthy family relationships, and sustaining physical health.


What are sacred qualities? Sacred qualities were defined as having two components:


1) They inherently possess spiritual qualities as defined by Lynn Underwood and the World Health Organization, such as gratefulness, feeling of connection with and support from the transcendent, sweet-sadness, awe, compassion, and/or a deep sense of inner peace.


2) They are imbued with descriptive qualities such as precious, dear, blessed, cherished, and/or holy.

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Sam Asiata's insight:

When wanting to maintain a healthy and physical relationship with one's self; being aware of differentiated methods from both the past and present can help to determine whether it will lead to success or mishap.

Pamir Kiciman's curator insight, May 10, 2013 9:23 AM

For further insight take a look at my post "Spirituality: The Unifying Bond of Life"

The BioSync Team's curator insight, May 12, 2013 12:43 PM

The true task of spiritual life is not found in faraway places or unusual states of consciousness; it is here in the present. It asks of us a welcoming spirit to greet all that life presents to us with a wise, respectful and kindly heart.
— Jack Kornfield

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