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Working out the right way to eat and exercise

Working out the right way to eat and exercise | Health |
If you exercise regularly, you will know the feeling of intense hunger that can accompany regular high-intensity workouts – that need to eat something immediately if not sooner and usually something high carbohydrate in nature to try and satisfy that relentless hunger. This may happen when you arrive home after a long day before you have prepared dinner, or a few hours after lunch, and may seem as if you simply cannot get enough food into your system.

Via Peter Mellow
UCanRow2's curator insight, March 21, 2014 3:10 PM

Good advice here, even when you're rowing a lot, for example in a rowing challenge like the World Erg Challenge, you can't eat whatever you like and expect to lose weight. A couple hundred extra calories per hour of exercise is about all you can get away with,