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Health and Nutrition
Who said healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle needs to be boring?
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5 Tips for How to Reduce Inflammation -

5 Tips for How to Reduce Inflammation - | Health and Nutrition |
Want to start connecting the dots in your own life? First, let’s learn about acute and chronic inflammation, since they play very different roles in our everyday health.


The BioSync Team's insight:

Inflamation can silently affect every cell in our body! Over time, a chronic /acute inflamation cycle negatively impacts every aspect of health and wellness.

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PAT NOVAK's curator insight, January 18, 2014 3:26 PM

A must read. It is very important to understand the role

inflammation  plays in your health or lack there of. 


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Ellen Naylor's curator insight, January 21, 2014 1:28 PM

The key causes of inflammation are food allergies, bad diet, toxins, environmental allergies, and stress. Kris Carr shares ways to self diagnose and suggestions to reduce inflammation such as relaxation and even healthy recipes.

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Chemicals in Food that Make You Fat

Chemicals in Food that Make You Fat | Health and Nutrition |
One of the most disturbing discoveries in the past decades has been that chemicals in our food and our environment are actually obesity promoters.
The BioSync Team's insight:

Jonny Bowden's book "The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth" is a tremendous resource for every kitchen. This article and his blog are packed with important resources for living healthy.

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