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The science behind meditation, and why it makes you feel better

The science behind meditation, and why it makes you feel better | Health and Good living |
Meditation yields a surprising number of health benefits, including stress reduction, improved attention, better memory, and even increased creativity and feelings of compassion.

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Here are a couple of programs for meditation, on my Personal Growth Information site:

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Meditation techniques for you

Meditation techniques for you | Health and Good living |
Relaxation is not very easy to attain and if you are not too sure about various methods and strategies which can be implemented to attain it then it will be even more complicated. There are several aspects of relaxation and unique methods are available to get it as well.
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Campaign for Safe Cosmetics : Parabens

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics : Parabens | Health and Good living |

Parabens are widely found in all sorts of cosmetics and personal care products, and are obsorbed via the skin into the blood stream.  They have been found to be toxic to the human body and linked to almost everything from breast cancer to neurotixicity.  

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