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We are excited to announce the next Heart of the Matter Online Conference! This one is FREE! Mark your calendars for two evenings of encouragement.  

Ashley Wiggers speaks at homeschool seminars, serves as Public Relations Director for Geography Matters and is the author of the Profiles from History series. She also is the Executive Editor of Homeschooling Today Magazine.

Both Ashley and her husband Alex grew up in the early days of the homeschooling movement. Alex was taught by parents, Josh and Cindy Wiggers, who are the owners and operators of the publishing company Geography Matters. Ashley was taught by parents, Greg and Debbie Strayer, who are authors of numerous homeschooling materials and part of the founding group of Homeschooling Today Magazine. As homeschool graduates, Alex and Ashley have a deep appreciation for the opportunity to homeschool and the need for encouragement and support of homeschooling families.

The Wiggers make their home in Somerset, KY, and look forward to continuing the homeschool philosophies and ideals that their parents and in-laws have passed on with their own children.

Teaching to Different Learning Styles 

A learning style is the way we perceive and process information. Finding out the mix is an adventure and discovery. It is important for parents and children to speak the same language and connect in the learning. Share information with your children, and know they are receiving it. Listen in on this workshop and come away knowing more about the three main learning styles: visual, auditory processor, or kinesthetic learning.

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