Top 10 Ways to Destroy Motivation at Work | Harmonious and Balanced Workplace |

Want to know how to destroy motivation at work? These key factors, attitudes, and behaviors destroy motivation at work. It doesn't have to be that way. 


A sample from the list of 10:

 Make rules for the many because of the behavior of a few. Organizations need policies and rules to create a legal, ethical, effective workplace. They do not need a policy to solve every problem. 


Focus on mistakes and errors no matter how trivial they are in comparison with successes.
This is especially a problem at weekly meetings and during periodic performance evaluations. Managers must provide balanced feedback, but let’s get real. If an employee is making mistakes most of the time, why not fire the employee? The job must be a terrible fit for the employee’s skills and capabilities. To dwell only on problem areas destroys the employee’s confidence and self-esteem, makes the employee more error-prone, and makes your organization wonder why they promoted you to management.


Hold meetings, coaching sessions, and performance reviews in which the manager does the majority of the talking.
Only a rare employee will find a work environment in which he or she is talked at motivating. But, it happens frequently. Even in organizations that encourage employee involvement, managers are not always skilled at discussing performance with employees. The manager may be afraid that if he stops talking, the employee will make demands he can’t fulfill. The manager may


Via Deb Nystrom, REVELN, Roy Sheneman, PhD, Jean-Philippe D'HALLUIN