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4 Big Social Media Lessons from Small Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

4 Big Social Media Lessons from Small Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC] | Guerrilla Social Media |

Social Media is not just a method only being utilized by big brands anymore. Small businesses are starting to embrace and implement social techniques on a grander scale.


A 2012 SMB Group Study found that 20% of small businesses use social in an ad hoc, informal way- to generate leads and drive traffic to websites. The study also revealed that 24% of small businesses are using social in strategic and structured way, including data analysis of market trends and customer driven product ideas.


The businesses practicing strategic social media enjoyed a higher level of integration amongst their departments. The largest disparity between the two groups was uncovered in Customer Service. Only 8% of the companies with an informal social media environment had integrated into Customer Service, while an impressive 43% of the strategic social group integrated Customer Service.

That's quite a difference and food for though if your small business just kicking the tire with little or no social presence.

Via Lauren Moss
Rescooped by Joe Wise from visualizing social media!

The Second Screen Phenomena – Infographic

The Second Screen Phenomena – Infographic | Guerrilla Social Media |

Second screen viewing, which refers to using an additional electronic device while watching television, is a widespread consumer behavior that has quickly become the norm.

In an attempt to better understand this trend, Viaccess-Orca has analyzed second screen usage amongst diverse populations of television viewers. The results, which appear in this infographic, demonstrate the extent to which second screen viewing is altering the TV industry. According to our data, 70% of tablet owners, and 68% of smartphone owners, state that they use their additional devices while watching TV.

However, only 37% of those who practice second screen viewing do so in order to look up information that is related to the program they are watching. Most TV viewers use their devices in order to check emails or visit a social network...

Via Lauren Moss
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