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Rescooped by Gerry B from green streets!

Hot in the City: Reducing Heat from Urban Waste

Hot in the City: Reducing Heat from Urban Waste | Greener World |

Cities are hotbeds of sustainability, right? From urban agriculture to social enterprise, you’ll find lots of innovative approaches in urban centers, particularly those on the US coasts. Put a lot of people together in one place, and you generate a lot of ideas.

You also generate a lot of heat, it turns out: a new study in Nature Climate Change argues that urban centers (particularly on coasts) generate a lot of waste heat… and that heat is contributing to the weird weather patterns we’ve been seeing lately. This isn’t climate change (in the way we’ve conventionally considered it), nor is it the “urban heat island” effect. Rather, according to the research team that authored the study...

Via Lauren Moss
Gerry B's insight:

About time something should be done on exhausts coming from cities. 

Riley Tuggle's curator insight, March 10, 2015 10:19 AM

I think this new research proves how much little things we do in the city, such as driving back and forth to a shopping mall everyday, effects the environment and impacts the weather. I live in Florida and I really don't want an even hotter summer when I go into the city, so I hope people (including myself) think about the environment and make better decisions when we are heading to town, like maybe riding a local bus from place to place or car pulling with friends. -RT

Cassie Brannan's curator insight, March 10, 2015 9:58 PM

This article really makes you think about how we take advantage of the opportunities for resource sharing offered in urban settings. I think people don't have to make a place hotter by generating heat. For instance instead of driving your car to work, you could ride a bike or a bus. -CB 

Rescooped by Gerry B from green streets!

Green Artistry: Gardens By The Bay by Grant Associates

Green Artistry: Gardens By The Bay by Grant Associates | Greener World |
Spread across 101 hectares of reclaimed land in Singapore's waterfront, a horticultural feast awaits visitors at the World Architecture Festival 2012.

Landscape architects, Grant Associates, designed three distinct garden bays including 18 supertrees, which range from 25 to 50m, at iconic points in the master plan. Two cooled conservatories designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects and a stretch of horticultural gardens, which include animals sculpted from shrubbery, are also highlights in this green showcase.
‘At one level, Gardens by the Bay is a dramatic 3D garden experience,' says Keith French, project director. 'At another it is a sophisticated example of integrated environmental design.'
Mixing nature, technology and environmental notes, the orchid-inspired master plan facilitates the growth of endangered species and plants from Mediterranean and tropical regions in the two giant biodomes. Over an entire hectare of different flower species are hosted within the Flower Dome, and the Cloud Forest Dome contains 0.8 hectares of tropical plants.
The design encourages the public to interact with the project through a suspended, spiraling bridge which is attached to the supertrees for support. Visitors are encouraged to view the giant garden from many levels.
At night, the canopies glow with colours and projected media, offering an active landscape for visitors. Sustainable energy and water technologies are integrated into the supertrees and cooling conservatories...

Via Lauren Moss
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