praud: urban intervention for seattle center | green streets |
floating above the parkscape, this large balloon serves as a screen to announce events while interacting with visitors, altering states with the continuously changing atmospheric conditions.

Boston-based practice praud has proposed the 'seattle jelly bean' as an urban intervention for seattle center in washington, USA. Hearkening back to the old days, a large balloon hovers above the parkscape to serve as a beacon to announce events to the public. Doubling as a projection screen, the element interacts with visitors by altering states with the continuously changing atmospheric conditions or by demand of visitors. the floating object produces a microclimate ranging from fog, sunshine, clouds and rain. The paths of the park below are generated from entry points which address the general city grid, creating a topography of solids and voids. Varied heights allow for different types of functions and fields generating different experiences

for pedestrians and joggers...