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Next Up For Brooklyn, an Urban Gondola

Next Up For Brooklyn, an Urban Gondola | green streets |

The East River Skyway aims to alleviate transit congestion along the Brooklyn waterfront by taking commuters off the grid.

The East River Skyway is a proposal for a multi-phase urban gondola to connect the growing residential and commercial corridors between Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. The proposal calls for an aerial transit system to be built out in stages, with the first line connecting the Lower East Side and Williamsburg. Subsequent lines might include a connection between Lower Manhattan, Dumbo, and Brooklyn Navy Yard, as well as a line threading between Midtown, Roosevelt Island, Long Island City, and Williamsburg...

Norm Miller's curator insight, September 25, 2014 4:31 PM

These become great for residents and tourists but the lawyers often find the liabilities too much of a concern when the gondolas pass over roads, bridges or people in some way.  Hope this one actually happens.

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A Mass-Transit Proposal To Connect A City Using Aerial Gondolas

A Mass-Transit Proposal To Connect A City Using Aerial Gondolas | green streets |
For many, aerial mass transit--either by way of tram or gondola--is an idea best left to ski resorts and World’s Fairs.

 But for a growing number of urban planners and designers, aerial transit represents an alternative for cities where traditional transit options are limited. At PSFK’s recent conference in San Francisco, Frog Principal Designer Michael McDaniel unveiled an ambitious plan called the Wire, which proposes a network of gondolas over Austin, Texas.

McDaniel and his team imagine a system of detachable gondolas connecting neighborhoods throughout the city, making it possible for cyclists and pedestrians to “hop” over particularly congested areas. “The big advantage here is the detachable part which means more gondolas can be added during rush hour and removed in non-peaks times,” he tells Co.Design.

After looking at precedents--like dedicated bus lanes and Portland, another city whose aerial tram has been a huge success--the design team took to Austin’s streets, interviewing locals about their transit experiences...

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Gondolas & Urban Transit: Planners Look to the Sky to Solve for "Last Mile"

Gondolas & Urban Transit: Planners Look to the Sky to Solve for "Last Mile" | green streets |

In a mountainous suburb of La Paz, Bolivia, crews are finishing the first leg of a network of gondolas, which may be the largest mass transit cable-car system in the world.

Cable-car systems are hardly new tech—they are a fixture in ski resorts and mountain villages around the world. But planners are increasingly exploring their use in urban transportation systems—particularly to solve “last mile” issues, where it is difficult to connect neighborhoods to the existing mass transit network...

Lorraine Chaffer's curator insight, April 19, 2014 3:10 AM

Australian Curriculum Geography - enhancing liveability  through transport  to increase social connectedness.

Social connectedness influences liveability. 

Emma Lupo's curator insight, October 20, 2014 9:45 PM

Transport and infrastructure