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7 Brilliantly Simple Technology Ideas To Improve Cities

7 Brilliantly Simple Technology Ideas To Improve Cities | green streets |

You want good civic tech ideas? The people have good civic tech ideas.

Code for America and Mindmixer have been running Ideation Nation--an online brainstorm to find tech fixes for cities--since the beginning of the month. People have posted 300 ideas so far.

"We're going to make the [best] 25 available to Code for America's 3,000 volunteer designers and hackers," says Nick Bowden, Mindmixer's CEO. "They want to build stuff for communities." You can submit your own idea till October 31. The overall winner gets prize money, and support to develop the idea.

Visit the link for some of the favorites so far, including customizable mobile apps to phone-charging street furniture.

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Using Smartphones to Improve Walkability

Using Smartphones to Improve Walkability | green streets |

When it comes to walking in the city, our smartphones provide us with pedestrian sat-nav, reviews of the best places to visit and even measure how many calories we’re burning. In fact, recent research suggests that our phones are encouraging us to even explore more places.

Now, a new mobile app provides an essential tool for the walkable lifestyle. It enables people to check the walkability of the street they’re standing in, as well as discover new walkable streets in other areas and add their own reviews.

The free app uses over 600,000 street ratings from, covering every street in San Francisco, New York and England. But unlike other walkability apps, which only measure how many destinations are within walking distance, the Walkonomics app provides 5-star ratings for 8 different categories of pedestrian-friendliness:

  • Road safety
  • Easy to cross
  • Pavement/Sidewalk
  • Hilliness
  • Navigation
  • Fear of crime
  • Smart & beautiful
  • Fun & relaxing

The Walkonomics mobile app provides a crowdsourcing tool for events, allowing more people to be involved, add reviews and post suggestions. With more cities to be added, the app has the potential to become the new ‘must-have’ app for not only discovering and enjoying walkable streets, but also transforming and making streets more pedestrian-friendly...

Via Jandira Feijó
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Spotlight> Urban Design Week 2011

Spotlight> Urban Design Week 2011 | green streets |

What more effective outreach could there be than crowd sourcing? With its fall initiative, Urban Design Week 2011: By the City/For the City, running from September 15 to 20 at various sites around the city, the Institute for Urban Design (IUD) applied directly to the broadest possible audience in order to identify the most pressing design concerns, then matching them to the most creative potential solutions.

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Crowdsourcing utopia: 21st century urbanism

Crowdsourcing utopia: 21st century urbanism | green streets |

New forms of cooperative urbanism are harnessing the internet to achive grand civic goals.

A generation of intrepid software developers is creating powerful tools for ordinary people to work together to achieve civic goals. and are US and UK websites where users can report problems in their area directly to the relevant local authority. Collapsed walls, broken signage and faulty streetlighting can be logged by anyone in the community. Reports are mapped online while statistics about how swiftly issues are dealt with are automatically published, encouraging authorities to act quickly. Rather than individual complainants acting in isolation, the sites allow strangers to cooperate in holding their elected officials to account while improving their public spaces.

Critics argue the sites foster apathy − encouraging the public to rely on local authorities for relatively minor maintenance jobs rather than taking responsibility as a neighbourhood, but nevertheless, the idea of using decentralised web-based input as a generator for development is gathering momentum.

Norm Miller's curator insight, August 5, 2013 1:21 PM

A new form of town hall meetings


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What's Working in Cities: Placemaking

What's Working in Cities: Placemaking | green streets |
Placemaking is a development approach gaining momentum across the country. The strategy gives local residents and stakeholders a major voice in shaping new development.
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