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green streets
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Trees In Transit

Trees In Transit | green streets |

Changes in transit design that aim to make roads and car traffic safer are one critical component of the complete streets movements underway across North America. Vehicle usage is responsible for staggering CO2 emissions, human injury and death, energy consumption, and more. Still, cars remain a part of the urban landscape, and street design that integrates them safely is imperative. Speed bumps, street markings, speed limits and other measures have all been used to create safer conditions for all users of the road. But what about trees?

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Are Your Streets "Complete?"

Are Your Streets "Complete?" | green streets |
Streets should be designed for everyone -- not just cars.

There's an urban planning term growing in popularity called complete streets. It's considered a natural complement to sustainability efforts because it calms traffic (thus saving fuel) and encourages the planting of trees (cutting CO2). It's basically the notion that our sidewalks, streets, and crosswalks are shared, not the province of one group over the other.

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