New Urbanism in Pictures | green streets |
Sometimes the best way to understand the liveable, green-friendly concept new urbanism is to see it in action and pictures do the job nicely.

There are thousands documents online and in print that explain, clarify, and defend new urbanism. I’ve always put forward the notion that the best way to promote new urbanism is to engage the very people who are meant to “buy into” this way of living.

Homeowners and renters like you and I.

Today’s post is also about promoting new urbanism, but I’m going to do it in pictures. Take a look at what architects like the firm Moule & Polyzoides (co-founders of the Congress for the New Urbanism) are doing and then consider your thoughts about new urbanism and how it might improve/enhance/support the kind of lifestyle you want for your family and the kind of imprint you want to leave on your environment.

Compact, walkable neighborhoods and higher densities “sound” a lot better in “pictures.”