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New report on the potential for urban agriculture

New report on the potential for urban agriculture | green streets |

A new report by the Urban Design Lab (UDL) of Columbia University’s Earth Institute explores the potential for urban agriculture in New York City. The report, “The Potential for Urban Agriculture in New York City,” complements the existing discussion on sustainable cities. Developing agricultural spaces within or near urban areas has a great potential to reduce food transportation costs and environmental effects, as well as provide opportunities for economic development and diminish the disparities in access to healthy foods. In order to become a viable option to food production for the masses, urban agriculture must overcome challenges of scalability, energy efficiency and labor costs.

To understand the capacity of New York City’s crop production, UDL’s report aims to answer how much land could be productively used for agriculture and how much crop could realistically be grown in the given land. When it comes to the benefits of urban agriculture in New York City, the study also considers factors like food security, storm water runoff and sewer overflow mitigation, urban heat island effect, energy consumption, waste reduction, as well as opportunities for composting for agricultural purposes.

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Photos: NRDC New York Visits Urban Farms | Mark Izeman's Blog

Photos: NRDC New York Visits Urban Farms | Mark Izeman's Blog | green streets |
The last thing the world needs is another blog about local food. But hold on. Today’s entry isn’t about the food itself.  It’s about warehouse roofs, abandoned baseball fields, and people who looked at empty spaces and saw opportunities usually...
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