Ingenious Infrastructure: A Skatepark That Prevents Flooding | green streets |
This new development is an innovative way to approach the increase in precipitation brought on by climate change.

The drainage canal at Rabalder Park in Roskilde, Denmark, is probably the coolest drainage canal on the planet. The new development — part rainwater drainage system, part recreational skatepark — is an ingenious approach to solving the anticipated problem of increased rains brought about by climate change.

The design, which is a finalist for an Index Award, began as a standard drainage project; over the past few years, climate change has increased rainfall, leaving basements and streets flooded. The city needed to devise a way to separate rain and sewage water from the adjacent areas and brought in Dutch architecture firm Nordarch to transform a potential public infrastructure eyesore into a multi-functional recreation area.

Led by Søren Nordal Enevoldsen, a skateboarding-obsessed architect who has designed skateparks throughout the country, the Rabalder Park project has become a gathering place for both rainwater and skateboarding enthusiasts.