A Dialog between Ancient & Contemporary: Musée de la Romanité by Elizabeth de Portzamparc | green streets | Scoop.it

This winning proposal for Musée de la Romanité in Nimes, France, by Elizabeth de Portzamparc had to deal with a fragile situation which required respectful and exceptional urban dialogue.

Located on the gate of the old city of Nimes, and emerging from the archaeological remains, it had to establish a complex relationship with the two thousand years old antique Arenas of Nimes.

The museum building was only a part of wider project, including urban regeneration of the "Grill“ plot, the museography, the archaeological garden landscaping and a feasibility study of a congress center and a hotel.

Two geometries coexist successfully – in contrast with the magnificence of the static, great stone volume, the Museum’s offers light and luminous presence of one fluid architecture. Acting as a gate of an urban promenade, museum reveals the Arenas through its transparent ground floor, which attracts and invites visitors inside.

The building of the museum was designed to generate coherence in the city, the inventive museography within it and the archaeological garden that extends it...