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green streets
thoughts, ideas + dialogues on urban revitalization, smart growth + neighborhood development
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Scooped by Lauren Moss!

Beautifying New York With Dumpster Gardens...

Beautifying New York With Dumpster Gardens... | green streets |
Rubbish-bin gardens for the concrete jungle that is New York.

Most folks would not be happy if they walked outside one morning and found a dumpster full of dirt and vegetal matter in front of their home. But then again, most folks don't live in the concrete desert of New York, where any spot of green is a welcome sight.

Michael Bernstein's been pushing for New Yorkers to adopt these rubbish-bin gardens for more than a decade, after having exhibited a prototype in 2001 at Long Island City's Sculpture Center. He developed the idea while living in Dumbo, where he operated a rooftop garden and a sidewalk vegetable stand amid a colorless thicket of buildings and overpasses.

"I was struck by how there are no trees down there," Bernstein says. "I liked the idea that this could be a portable green space that's transported place to place. If you live in an urban place with no trees, you can get one of these delivered to your house. It's like a portable forest."

The designer named his invention the Ten Yards project in reference to the payload capacity of the dumpsters...

Liam Muller's curator insight, February 18, 2013 3:57 PM

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Rescooped by Lauren Moss from sustainable architecture!

Shipping Containers and the Downtown Project

Shipping Containers and the Downtown Project | green streets |

When you think about urban revitalization, you may envision a city center filled with derelict, abandoned buildings just waiting to be repurposed. Our vision of downtown is different. Rather than being filled with empty buildings, we have a lot of empty land in Las Vegas. Until new buildings are completed, which can be a long process, we need spaces to house new business.
To do address these needs, flexible urbanism is being employed to temporarily transform underused, high value urban areas by installing repurposed shipping containers to house small businesses such as cafes, boutiques, bars & galleries. These plans will incorporate community space, outdoor seating, and retractable shade structures while activating vacant lots in the heart of downtown...

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