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An Interactive Flood Tool to Calculate Climate Change Risks

An Interactive Flood Tool to Calculate Climate Change Risks | green infographics |
A new interactive tool estimates the economic, urban, and demographic risks through 2030.

According to the World Resources Institute, river floods affect 21 million people in the world every year. In 2030, that number could rise to 54 million, with climate change driving the increase and urbanization putting more people in harm's way...

Russell Roberts's curator insight, March 26, 12:07 PM

A valuable tool for urban planners. Honolulu also has similar tools to map the expected loss of shorelines due to rising sea levels.  If climatic trends continue, much of Waikiki and the Ewa Plain will be subject to flooding and rendered unihabitible.  Beach erosion is just the beginning of our urban problems.  Aloha, Russ.

Judit Urquijo's curator insight, March 29, 12:33 PM

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Website del desarrollador: World Resources Institute


El Aqueduct Global Flood Analyzer es una herramienta web interactiva diseñada para mostrar mediante modelos los daños de las inundaciones sobre los entornos urbanos, el PIB y la población, pudiendo consultar esta información tanto desde el punto de vista de la nación, la cuenca hidrográfica o el estado.

Una vez seleccionado el ámbito, la aplicación permite seleccionar el nivel de protección contra inundaciones medido en años, que hace referencia a los tipos de sistemas construidos para prevenir las inundaciones y que normalmente suelen estar dimensionados en función de los períodos de retorno.

En base a los citados criterios, la herramienta presenta los costes generados por las inundaciones en base a datos de 2010. La aplicación también permite a los usuarios estimar el riesgo futuro, realizando proyecciones en el contexto de tres escenarios climático y socioeconómicos distintos.  

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Scooped by Lauren Moss!

Visualizing Sustainable Urbanization

Visualizing Sustainable Urbanization | green infographics |

In a Sustainable City, the use of renewable resources is emphazised, resource consumption is minimized and resources are managed in a way that maximizes recovery and reuse.
New system solutions provide scope for synergies between sewage, waste and energy production and enable coordination with efficient land use, landscape planning and transport systems. This is illustrated by the eco-cycle model which is essential for a definitive shift from linear to circular resource flows.

Emily Bian's curator insight, May 22, 9:27 AM

Sustainability is the survival of the environment to be able to sustain future generations. Environmental sustainability is a critical issue due to mass consumption, pollution, climate change, and things like deforestation and desertification. 

People are using more renewable resources and trying to cut down on mass consumption. 

This is a good diagram and article to read for APHUG students for them to learn about sustainability and how that affects the people living on this earth. 

Anna Sasaki's curator insight, May 27, 3:08 AM

Sustainability derives from the utilization of renewable resources. There are new and improved methods of the disposal of waste and more eco-friendly ways of transportation and landscape planning. This model insinuates the different ingredients needed to create a sustainable city.

This ties into master planned cities, since the cities have to take into account these fundamental rules of sustainability, as well as the small details which could potentially have grand repercussions.