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Land use poses a critical impact on local climate change

Land use poses a critical impact on local climate change | green infographics |

Clearing forests, installing pavement, planting crops and other land use decisions may be among the most important factors in impacting local climate change.

These decisions impact evaporation, solar radiation and other biophysical effects that may have more impact on local climate than greenhouse gases, which have a more global climate impact.

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Scooped by Lauren Moss!

Visualizing Sustainable Urbanization

Visualizing Sustainable Urbanization | green infographics |

In a Sustainable City, the use of renewable resources is emphazised, resource consumption is minimized and resources are managed in a way that maximizes recovery and reuse.
New system solutions provide scope for synergies between sewage, waste and energy production and enable coordination with efficient land use, landscape planning and transport systems. This is illustrated by the eco-cycle model which is essential for a definitive shift from linear to circular resource flows.

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