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Rescooped by Lauren Moss from Sustainable Futures!

Infographic: America's Fresh Food Movement

Infographic: America's Fresh Food Movement | green infographics |

According to a 2012 survey, 87% of U.S. consumers agree that they eat more whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables now that they did five years ago.

Amidst high-profile medical research proving the healthfulness of these types of food, as well as a subsequent backlash against processed, consumer-packaged goods, the American public is taking note of where the food's coming from. More are seeking fresh produce at their grocery stores and farmers' markets. Some are even growing it in their backyards. What other trends are occurring, and what is most important to consumers?

Find out more about healthy eating at Good's Food hub:

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Scooped by Lauren Moss!

Infographic: Climate Change and Human Responsibility

Infographic: Climate Change and Human Responsibility | green infographics |

It can't be denied any longer: Sea levels are rising, major droughts are continuing, and record hot summers are being experienced al around the world.

A recent study conducted by Yale University and George Mason University finds that for the first time since the research began in 2008, the majority of Americans believe that global warming is mostly a man-made phenomenon. And as sobering images of catastrophes make headlines, people are recognizing that the effects of their actions are not just an increasing danger to the world but a direct threat to themselves and their families.

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