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Investing in Green... [infographic]

Investing in Green... [infographic] | green infographics |

In their feature essay, “China’s Green Rise: Growing Ambition, Growing Challenges,” Genia Kostka and Sarah Eaton detail the rise of China’s green energy sector.

Here, we consider the bigger picture. This infographic details global investment in utility-scale green energy companies and projects between 2004 and 2010...

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What is strong sustainability?

What is strong sustainability? | green infographics |

The concept of strong sustainability is based on the scientific fact that all human life and activity occurs within the limitations of planet Earth, or the 'biosphere' where humankind lives, including all societal functions, such as the economy.


It is a self-evident truth that without a functioning biosphere there can be no society or 'sociosphere', and without a sociosphere there can be no societal functions, including an economy or 'econosphere'.

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