Wi-Fi Lightbulbs Are Real, And They're Awesome—First Impressions (UPDATED) | Great Geeky Gadgets | Scoop.it
The Island of Dr. Moreau-style splicing of technologies is generally one trend the world could do without. "Haven't you always wanted a lava lamp with a built-in hatchet?" No, Mr. Pitchman, and please take your abominations elsewhere.

But every once and in a while we get a combination that actually makes a lot of sense. And Wi-Fi in your lightbulbs may just be the future of lighting.

The GreenWave Reality Connected Lighting Solution is pretty remarkable. You simply screw in the bulbs, plug GreenWave's magical little box into your existing wireless router, and do a quick setup on your iOS or Android device. Done. No rewiring your house or anything like that. The LED bulbs fit in most standard sockets, and can all be controlled (individually or in groups) by a remote control or by any iOS or Android device. We spent the last few days with these bulbs, and here are some first impressions.

- Gizmodo

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tie them to helium ballons and have some real fun!