Why are we all so terrified of Google? | Digital Trends | Graphics from my #factsandfiguresday | Scoop.it
Google’s data-hoarding reputation may be well deserved, but is helping users connect the dots really such a bad thing?


"Google compiles information about you from any of its services that you use. That can include Web search history, emails and contacts from Gmail, chat history, Google+ likes and posts, documents accessed in Google Docs, YouTube activity, Blogger and Picasa photos, posts, and comments, information on purchases through Google Wallet and Checkout, Google Voice data on numbers and call duration – the list goes on and on.


The search engine giant can keep that information indefinitely. You can find details on what Google does with your data on the Google website. That’s the big question, isn’t it? Google also started the Data Liberation Front so you can find out how to access and move your data in Google products."

Via Higher Ed InfoSec Council