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This Stunning 3 Min Video Will Change the Way You Look at Jesus

This Stunning 3 Min Video Will Change the Way You Look at Jesus | Grade Nine Religion |
He was born with no wealth and no status. He traveled by foot from land to land. He was betrayed and killed, then rose again. His amazing message wasn't spread through a pricey ad campaign, but sold out disciples.
Evan Wyatt's insight:

There was a man who walked the Earth who was born without wealth nor influence, He traveled on foot from town to town and was betrayed and killed but His message spread throughout the world without advertisement. This man is Jesus. This compelling three minute video shows us how Jesus was just like us and He was a public speaker, a son, etc. and He is the most motivational and inspirational man to every walked the Earth. This video gives us a different outlook on Jesus and how He is not only the son of man but one of us, Jesus was just like you in some ways.


Everyone can definitly relate to this video one way or another, Jesus was just like one of us. You might be a son, public speaker, craftsman, etc. and Jesus was one of these or he spoke and devoted his time to one of them. We are all diverse, special, gifted, inspirational just like Jesus and we can relate to this as being someone that was invloved with Jesus' life. We are all like Jesus in some ways just like the video tells us or if we can't relate to this well then we can try to be more like Jesus. Jesus was born without wealth, influence or status just like a lot of people, others are children, teachers, etc. and we can tie this to the video and relating to Jesus. We all can relate to Jesus being a characteristic that He was.


After watching this video we all can reflect towards this, how one man who was just like us made a difference in the world. Jesus was just like one of us, He made a difference and so can we. Jesus inspires us to become better because in some ways we can relate to His message and struggles. This video gives you a more in depth and different perspective of Jesus Christ our Saviour. We seem him as the man who turned water to wine, died for our sins and other defining moments but now we see him like one of us; human. This video helps you to understand the similarities and differences we have with Jesus and how He is so relatable and with out similarities we are more intrigued to act like He did. Jesus is truly amazing traveling miles on foot, His message that has lasted for ages, being like us and dying for us. This video gives you a whole new vista about the Lord after reflecting upon it.

Michael Premnath's comment, November 3, 2013 6:24 PM
Evan's insight and this video helped me realize that no matter who you are, where you are and who you hang out with, you can make a difference. Whether you are 10, 20 or 100, you can make that one difference which leads to more. One person in your community can make a difference, but that could impact what happens years later, no matter big or small, you can make change happen.
britney mighty's comment, November 7, 2013 6:06 PM
After watching this i realize anyone can make a difference , no matter how old you are or who they are . It shows that one person can impact what happends years from now .As Evan said it seems like Jesus is one of us.
Aaron Alexander's comment, November 10, 2013 7:22 PM
After watching this video my passion for discipleship has been rejuvenated. During the video they started off, by explaining how Christ was born into the world like anyone of us; with nothing. Although he was born with nothing; Jesus Christ, with no modern technology at all, started the greatest movement known to mankind that has been passed down for many generations orally and has stood the test of time; Christianity ,currently with over 2 billion members. The video inspired me to remember that no matter whom you are, your age or where you come from, we as individuals have a tremendous positive impact on the world around us. ]
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Julie Could Die of Cardiac Arrest at Any Moment. Instead of Questioning God, She Does This … And It’s Awe-Inspiring. Pass It On.

Julie Could Die of Cardiac Arrest at Any Moment. Instead of Questioning God, She Does This … And It’s Awe-Inspiring. Pass It On. | Grade Nine Religion |
Julie Manning has a chronic heart problem that could take her life at any moment. Instead of questioning God, she sees her suffering as sanctification and every moment as an opportunity to worship God in a way she's never worshipped before.
Evan Wyatt's insight:

Julie Manning is a mother of two and nurse that has a chronic heart problem that could potentially kill her at any moment. In this video Julie tells her story about how she sees her suffering as something to praise God for. To thank God about how she survives and how he's given Julie such amazing strength to live and prosper. Julie is a woman of faith, she prays and thanks God for everything He has done. Julie explains about the time she found out about her heart problem and how the doctor called her to the time where she collasped in her children's school. Julie looks at this problem as an opportinuity to grow personally and spiritually and she is living a wonderful life.


Everyone can relate to this video in some ways, if you know someone with a heart problem or someone who struggles with a life threatening problem then it isn't easy to overcome. Julie demonstrates such inspirational courage that we all can relate to. For example I know of someone who has a life threatening problem and it can be very challenging. Julie shows a wonderful and faithful attitude that just empowers you to live your life without questioning God but to thank him for everything He has done.


Worshipping God doesn't always mean getting down to your knees and praying. Julie has shown me that even when things get tough that we push through it and act as God would want us to.  From reflecting about this video I now realize that why should we stop to question things. Everything in life happens for a reason, for better or for worse but its how we deal with these situations and how we interact with them. God gave us everything so why question someone that's giving you something? Julie has shown that life is a blessing so why question it, live it with faith, courage, charity and love.

jake canadinha's comment, November 9, 2013 10:14 PM
This video makes me thinks about my own morality and how anyone could go at any time, somthing i took from this video is how i want to be thought of when i die or even when in not around Gods plan is not clear or may not even benifit us but helps us show others thier plan.
Jon Patrick Ruste's comment, November 10, 2013 12:05 PM
I like this video. The thought that I can go at anytime. Its scary to think but anything done with god is something great. I love how she took her problem and made it into an opportunity. Thanks for posting.
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Jesus Didn’t Come to Make Sure You Keep the Rules, He Came to Give You Permission To…

Jesus Didn’t Come to Make Sure You Keep the Rules, He Came to Give You Permission To… | Grade Nine Religion |
Jesus came to give us all of these things. Isn't He amazing?
Evan Wyatt's insight:

In this video it starts off as you have permission to do blank, and the rest of the video show you the wonderful things we can do like wonder, dream, worship, etc. It shows the wonderful things we can do in life and finally it ends with a quote from John that states Jesus came to give us life. "He came that you may have life" John 10 : 10.


I think we can all relate to this and how is strongly connects to our Catholic faith. Jesus came to give us life so we can do wonderful things and follow his teachings. Jesus gave his life so we can have life. At some point in our life someone has given us something so we can do something else. For example I was given a pair of running shoes for my birthday, now I can go running and I really like to run now. At some point in our lives we were given something that opened up a world of opportunities for us. Jesus was the one that gave his life that opened up a world of opportunities for us and I think that we all can strongly relate to this.


After watching this video my vista has changed. My outlook on a lot of things has changed, now I see how little things or big things can open up so many options that we can benifit and live from. It also inspires me to do things to help others like how Jesus helped us. Thanks to this video I now see how helping others can open up great options and I can be more like Jesus by giving like how he gave us life. Jesus gave life and he gave us permission to do so many wonderous things, now I feel more thankful to Jesus and everyone who has given me something. They gave me opportunities.

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45 Mins After Being Pronounced Dead, He Revived. Now He’s Thanking God For a Miracle

45 Mins After Being Pronounced Dead, He Revived. Now He’s Thanking God For a Miracle | Grade Nine Religion |
Tony Yahle is a 37-year-old husband and father of 3. When his heart stopped suddenly one night and he was pronounced dead, his family couldn't believe it. So his son decided to pray.
Evan Wyatt's insight:

One night 37 year old Tony Yahle, a father of three, he had a regular night and went to bed but that morning he didn't wake up for some reason. His wife noticed his breathing was off and she tried to wake him up but it didn't work so in a panic they called and got him to the hospital. The doctors searched for some sort of blood flow blockage to the heart but they had found nothing. Tony's heart then stopped beating and he was pronounced dead. His son Lawerance couldn't accept the facts and he sat beside his father praying with the pastor. After 45 minutes Tony's heart began to beat again and he was alive. The doctors said it was a miracle and they couldn't explain it. Tony had no memory of it and he had thanked God for saving him, Tony now lives a normal life.


God was present with Tony at the time he had been pronounced dead, God had helped Tony through this terrifying and extremely hard experience. Thank's to God and his son Lawerence's prayer, Tony was alive. I've met this one Sensi (karate instructor) from Port Perry and he had a similar experience to Tony, he was actually pronounced dead for about 20 minutes and his heart started beating again. God is present with everyone and everyone can somehow relate to this. How many people have prayed to God for something and it had happened? Just like Lawerence praying for his dad and your similar situation you can relate to this. 


Faith is a blessing, to have faith means that you have belief in something and sometimes belief is all you need to pull through. Just like Sugarland said "You gotta have faith" and this video really emphasizes the concept of belief and prayer. This video helps to characterize how important prayer and belief is and how everyone today needs it. Reflecting on this video, I understand the concept of belief more in depth and how strong will power and prayer is. Faith and prayer are powerful by themselves and together they're unstoppable as shown in this video. Some people think that Tony is just a "lucky man" but I believe Tony wasn't lucky but God was with him carrying him through this struggle.

Michael Premnath's comment, November 4, 2013 7:24 PM
I agree with Evan's insight to this video because "Faith is a blessing" and prayer, believing and trusting are a big part of it. This video highlights how important faith is and sometimes all we need is faith. Even at the roughest of times, if you believe and keep strong, anything is possible and in this case "bringing a man from the dead". In short, God is always there for, even when you think he isn't and faith is more powerful than you may think.
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Richie Parker Was Born Without Arms, But Works at the World’s Top Racing Co. How He Got There Is Wondertastic.

Richie Parker Was Born Without Arms, But Works at the World’s Top Racing Co. How He Got There Is Wondertastic. | Grade Nine Religion |
Due to a birth defect, Richie Parker was born with no arms. Determined to give him a normal childhood, his parents taught him to ride a bike, just like any other kid. At age 16, Richie restored his dream car and taught himself to drive it.
Evan Wyatt's insight:

Richie Parker was born without arms due to a birth defect. Richie's parents were determined for him to live a normal life. He learned how to open the fridge, ride a bike, use the computer, etc. The video goes on explaining how Richie has an interest in cars, at the age of 16 Richie found his dream car. After getting his dream car he restored it and taught himself to drive the car. Richie got an internshp with Hendrich Motorsports, the most successful Nascar team. He now works there full time. 


There comes a time in life where an obstacle is thrown in your way, it may seem almost impossible to get by this obstacle. No matter what you try it seems hopless, for Richie his obstacle in life is having no arms. This seems really hard to get by but he does and he is determined to live a great life. We all can relate to this, there is something in our lives that we all need to overcome. For example I have a peanut allergy and I wear glasses. I have to constantly be aware of what I eat and I need to have my glasses to see most things. At first it seemed hopless and annoying, I would have bitter teenage years but I'm getting by just fine and so is Richie. We all can relate to our personal flaws that we need to overcome, it's overcoming these flaws that make us stronger.


Personal growth is amazing and essential, without personal growth you wouldn't grow as a unique human. Richie shows us that improving personal growth is amazing. I can really reflect upon this video to help remind myself that I should grow as a person to become better. Personal growth teaches you a lot about yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses. I think after this video I'll definitely try to improve personally, it really improves your character and I think that everyone should do the same. It also reflects upon my faith and how I portray it in my everyday life and how I use my strengths. I know that we all can really reflect to this inspirational video.


Siobhan Bruce's comment, October 20, 2013 11:45 AM
This is very inspirational article! With your reasoning (Evan) and the actual article, it has made me change the way I look at myself and other people. Now, I understand that everyone has obstacles given to them throughout their lives and everyone deals with them differently. "Personal growth teaches you a lot about yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses" That was a very powerful statement you wrote and I agree with it 100%!
Vincenzo Pissokas's comment, November 10, 2013 9:48 PM
This article is amazing. Even though he was born with no arms he still enjoys life to the fullest and overcomes very hard tasks that would require arms. I thought this article was so great because although he has no arms he doesn't give up on his dream.
Abbeygail's comment, November 11, 2013 3:27 PM
This article is good....this is because people sees him different from themselves the fact that he has no arms but to him,he sees his self the same as others and he tries to do regular things the same way and he has confidence in his self.