23 May 2013, PRNewsWire -- A new market research reports studies the growing market for high fructorse corn syrup in China.


"As the best substitute for sucrose, HFCS has seen a fast growth in China since 2009 due to the continuous price hike of sucrose and increasing demand. The number of new producers is increasing, and many producers have enlarged their capacity to chase the product's remarkable profit in the past five years. With the new projects of HFCS spinging up, competition in China's HFCS market is becoming increasingly intense. Who are the leading producers? What has happened in the domestic HFCS market? How is the current competition situation of glucose in China? What is the future relationship between supply and demand in the glucose market? In this report, you can find out the answer to the above questions.

Since HFCS is a deep processing product of corn, many producers and downstream consumers are worried about the government's policies that restrict corn deep processing industry, fearing this will push up their production cost. In this report we have introduced related policies, and analyze their influence on the HFCS industry. Besides, we have introduced the development of HFCS's raw material in the past few years."

Additionally, the latest consumption trend of HFCS in China is another focus in this report, and we also provide forecast on it in the coming few years.