"I am a huge believer in “innovation,” but the term has become over-used, and its meaning is often lost. And innovation is regularly confused with “invention,” alone. Innovation seems to have lost its alignment with supporting anchors such as values, pervasiveness, creativity, teamwork, customer-centricity, user-experience, collaboration, inquisitiveness and curiosity."


Design thinking can apply to every goal set by management and individuals, so it is truly pervasive.

Design thinking is an innovation approach that aggregates ideas in an iterative process that promotes unique and unusual ideas, and rewards failure, such that the resulting design has limited technological, or leadership bias in its outcome. The emphasis on collaboration also drives broad ownership for the success of solutions.

Design thinking, by its nature and foundation can help produce solutions to much larger and difficult problems, often referred to as “wicked problems”. The enemy of design thinking is fear and unwillingnessto let go.  

Via Len Netti