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Picasso At The Beach and The NEW Art of Web Design

Picasso At The Beach and The NEW Art of Web Design | Communication design |

PicassoHead App
Sharing this cool "draw a "Picasso Head" app (my PicassoHead ) to illustrate a few of our favorite web design concepts such as:

* DO LESS and let them DO MORE (them = customers, visitors, advocates_.
* GALLERIES ROCK - especially when your gallery is chock a block full of User Generated Content (UGC).
* Engagement Rocks - do you have a tool that is fun to use AND promotes positive site heuristics such as time on site, pages viewed, lower bounce?
* Every product, idea or website starts about the creators and must become about those who visit and love it.
* People love what THEY create and contribute more than what you do.
* This means all web design is or will be about collaboration.

We love the simplicity of this little app, but the even COOLER riff came from our confirming email. This is the email that shares the link where my Picasso At The Beach drawing lives (linked from this post ) and where this little pitch lived:

"This summer check out Picasso Looks at Degas at the Clark in Williamstown, MA. You won’t want to miss this groundbreaking, Clark-exclusive exhibition that is the first to look at Pablo Picasso’s deep fascination with Edgar Degas. "

Wow, cool idea. Create a little art based app and sell related links in the confirmation email. That's brilliant marketing, subtle marketing and the art of web design. Kudos to Picassohead creators RFI Studios,





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How We Master Connectivity The Core Essence of Social Networking

How We Master Connectivity The Core Essence of Social Networking | Communication design |

"Without understanding connectivity, the basis of human connections, network theory, contextual intelligence, any business leader unable to grasp those things will be lost." [Warren Bennis]


The 12 habits of highly connective people has been the single most read and shared post I have written in the last couple of months. Literally.


Why it worked


Part of the reason is the structure of the post.


It starts with a great story told vividly by a master storyteller and maker who has earned tremendous respect and attention in the business and tech communities. Two communities I am becoming very involved with and hope to bring closer to each other...

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Make Your Audience Your Newsroom: Civicboom

Make Your Audience Your Newsroom: Civicboom | Communication design |

"Civicboom is an online platform designed to facilitate content-driven organizations and individuals to work together in generating rich media content.


Content-seekers can place a request for specific content. Then, by using the Civicboom mobile app (Android), or by uploading to the plug & go site, a content-creator can respond with rich-media directly to that request.


All incoming rich-media content is then managed by the content-seeker, and directed to a customizable plugin to be embedded on a website."

Read more about it here:


Sign-up here:


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This is great Robin!
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How to Curate Content Effectively

How to Curate Content Effectively | Communication design |

It's been said that if you want something, go find people who have what you want and ask them how they got it. Margie is a perfect example of someone who is successful, knows how to build community and definitely creates and curates consistent content.

Here's an excerpt from her latest post on curating:

This is what we're doing on scoopit!

I also ask people to let me know what they were reading that they liked. A lot of people took advantage of this opportunity, and when I did my round-ups I would credit those people by saying, “Xyz brought this post to my attention…” This helps you build your community on a lot of different levels, it exposes you to content you might not otherwise have seen, and you get to network with the new bloggers, too. It worked out pretty well for me in terms of teaching me the ropes of the online world.

My advice to you

If you want to get started curating some content, there are lots of different paths you could set your feet on. The most important thing is to make sure you keep it manageable. Like most facets of the online world, curating content can very quickly begin to eat your life. So here is what I would try:

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