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How to Choose the Right Social Network for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Social Network for Your Business | Google Plus and Social SEO |
The complete guide on how to choose a social network for your business, featuring valuable statistics, research, demographics, and questions.
Neil Ferree's insight:

Facebook is the largest social network. Google+ is a distant 2nd. This new Buffer App article outline who's who and which is which for;

◄ Image based 
◄ SEO / Author
◄ Video
◄ Location
◄ Kitchen Sink
◄ Niche 

The number of active users is one metric to consider. Social engagement (+1's and reshares and comments) are as important if not more.

Personalized search results are influenced by Likes on Facebook and being Circled on Google.

Which is more important to you?

Idris Grant's curator insight, September 15, 2014 1:46 PM

Yes, Facebook is the "10-ton gorilla" in the room, but it isn't the only game in town.  This article with infographic, does a great job of breaking down your choices - the ideal ones - for your particular business.

Google Plus and Social SEO
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