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Social Media Is The New Blackhat

Social Media Is The New Blackhat | Google Plus and Social SEO |

What happens when fake friends tell fake friends about your product? Does anyone care? Actually, yes, Google.

They care because of how intertwined Social Media and SEO rankings are. SEO best practices are and should be the foundation of any business’ online marketing strategy. 

Neil Ferree's insight:

recent study by Shareaholic, which tracked 300,000 websites over four months, suggested that social-media referrals now lead to 30 percent of websites’ overall traffic.

Tips on how to manage your social media presence.

Marareia Hamilton's curator insight, September 18, 2014 6:43 AM

Companies that part take in dishonest business practises through using social media to make false representations about their brand can be seen as unethical and irresponsible. Google’s crack down on this matter will see companies at risk of losing all their social media efforts which will inevitably result in wasted money, loss of exposure and interaction and more importantly loss of credibility. With social media becoming a more popular promotional tool for businesses, Google will be tested in their efforts to monitor deceiving activities. Perhaps stricter industry standards need to be put in place to stop businesses unethically using social media  to gain advantage.  

Google Plus and Social SEO
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