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10 Marketing Lessons Learned From Working at Facebook

10 Marketing Lessons Learned From Working at Facebook | Google Plus and Social SEO |
Get an inside look at the marketing lessons and tactics used at Facebook, Mint, and AppSumo to grow into billion-dollar businesses.
Neil Ferree's insight:

Noah is a world class marketer. Facebook employee #8

He shares his Top 10 Marketing Lessons 

Lesson 1: Incentivize your audience
Lesson 2: Sponsor small neighbors
Lesson 3: Listen to your audience and educate them
Lesson 4: There’s opportunity in expanding internationally
Lesson 5: Find your niche and validate early
Lesson 6: Design matters
Lesson 7: Repurpose your insider knowledge
Lesson 8: Double down on what’s working
Lesson 9: Get permission to talk to your customers
Lesson 10: Don’t assume what works for others will work for you

Nina Menezes's curator insight, May 30, 10:42 AM


10 marketing lessons from Noah Kagan:


1. Incentivize your audience
2. Sponsor small neighbours

3. Listen to your audience

4. Look international

5. Find your niche

6. Design matters

7. Share insider knowledge

8. Focus on what's working

9. Get permission to engage

10. Never assume


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