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26 Tips for Creating a Powerful Personal Brand Online

26 Tips for Creating a Powerful Personal Brand Online | Google Plus and Social SEO |
The social web is a game changer. You can build a global audience. The power in your hands. Here are some tips for creating a powerful personal brand online
Neil Ferree's insight:

Not everyone will do Tip #16 from Jeff's personal branding list (ie) Create a visual brand with a great caricature or photo of “you” but the other 25 are very doable and don't require high tech skills.

Managing your social media presence and your personal brand is a constant and ongoing affair. For some, LinkedIn is going to be your top performing social channel. For others, it will be Google+ or maybe YouTube or perhaps Pinterest.

Regardless which social channel turns out to be your headliner, you need to know what your social link wheel looks like before moving on with these 26 personal branding steps. 

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Personal Branding from A to Z

Rayeshawn Ward's curator insight, May 12, 2014 11:33 PM

This is a good outline for people who want to use social media to their advantage. In the communication privacy management theory , rule #2 states that people control their private information through the use of personal privacy rules. However , we  must  have an offline social support network as well or we will fall prey to the attraction and liking motives, that can cause us to loosen our privacy boundaries.


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Google Plus and Social SEO
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